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Behind Langanis Hair

Behind Langanis Hair

Meet Michael.

Michael is an award winning stylist and owner of multiple successful hair-studios in Australia.

Michael first started cutting hair when he was 14 and eventually his entrepreneurial mentality took over, opening his first shop when he was 17 when he had a steady base of return customers. Since then, Michael has continued to open multiple locations, collect a handful of major awards as well as feature in multiple reputable magazine outlets (including GQ) and has developed an identity as one of the most consistent stylists in the country.

With more than a decade’s experience in the industry, Michael admitted that there wasn’t much quality in men’s hair products on the market without having to break the bank. 

“It’s almost impossible to find a men’s hair product that’s high in quality which doesn’t set you back a fortune. Most products that are within a similar price range aren’t focussing on the health of your hair and style at the same time, and the ones that do are really expensive and not affordable for the modern day man.”

With this in mind, Michael and his team of chemists set out to develop a product which could:

A) Nurture your hair

B) Maintain long-lasting and effortless style

C) Be affordable

The team ended up developing the ‘SANDSTONE Treatment Balm’ and the ‘GRANITE Paste’ - both with different functionalities, but both maintaining the importance of natural ingredients within while lasting 24 hours plus.

Using ingredients such as kaolin clay, beeswax and natural minerals - all which promote healthy hair - both ‘GRANITE’ and ‘SANDSTONE’ succeeded in the goals the team set out.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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99.9% Customer Satisfaction