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    Naturally, a leading hair empire should have products to complement their superior styling services. Langanis Hair was custom created and manufactured by Michael Langanis to allow people to replicate their new sleek hairstyle from home. The concept for the product-duo originated from Michael’s working experience and knowledge of his favourite styling products.

    Langanis Hair GRANITE and SANDSTONE, despite their differences, are both unaffected by sun and humidity. This prevents the stylers from weakening throughout the day to give you a long-lasting look and finish. Both of these two innovative products are also packed with natural minerals and antioxidants to assist with hair health. 

    GRANITE is designed to give a strong, textured and gritty hold on the hair. Made from premium matte clays and texturising agents, GRANITE is great to use a finishing product and also as a pre-styler to provide foundation before styling the hair.

    SANDSTONE is built to give your hair an effortless and volumed finish. The strong and smooth consistency of this premium styling product gives your hair a clean, matte and effortless look. Made from conditioning oils and high-quality clays, SANDSTONE is healthy and hydrating and has a malleable finish, which is mouldable time and time again. This product is best used as a pre-styler or primer when blowdrying the hair, and can also be used as a finisher. 

    You’ll see more of these high-end products in action through Langanis’s team of hand-selected male models. This team was assembled to represent the key styles that constitute the Langanis brand as a whole, and they’ll be working hard to show off the best of the best at Langanis Hair and Studio in 2021.

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