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Behind every iconic hairstyle is a world-class product. At Langanis Hair, we pride ourselves on not only offering superior styling services but also equipping our clients with products to maintain and elevate their look. The mastermind behind this hair revolution is none other than Michael Langanis. Using insights from his hands-on experiences and personal favorites, he's crafted a signature range that keeps your hair perfect, come rain or shine.

Our premium products, GRANITE, SANDSTONE, and the latest addition, PEARL, are meticulously designed to withstand the challenges of sun and humidity. Their resilient formulations ensure that your style doesn’t falter as the day progresses. And it's not just about style - every Langanis Hair product is infused with natural minerals and antioxidants, championing both aesthetic and hair health.

GRANITE is your go-to for a rugged, textured hold. With its blend of matte clays and texturising agents, this styler works wonders both as a finishing touch and a foundational pre-styler.

SANDSTONE is the secret to effortless volume and lift. Boasting a potent combination of conditioning oils and superior clays, its smooth consistency delivers a clean, matte finish. Whether you're prepping your hair with a blowdry or seeking that final touch, SANDSTONE is both hydrating and versatile, offering a malleable finish to reshape as you please.

Introducing PEARL, the game-changer for those seeking a beachy, curly look. Its innovative formula effortlessly smoothens, de-frizzes, and retains hair moisture. While PEARL sets the stage for a soft and gentle finish, it doesn't compromise on hold. The product marries the benefits of SANDSTONE, ensuring impressive hold and malleability, all the while giving your locks a natural, radiant shine. Think of it as your crema for the hair; it's where style meets substance.

Witness these elite products in motion, demonstrated by Langanis's exclusive team of male models. Handpicked to encapsulate the essence of the Langanis brand, they showcase the pinnacle of what's achievable at Langanis Hair and Studio. Dive into 2023 with us, and experience the magic firsthand.

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